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Drawlloween Days 5 – 11

I got very behind on Drawlloween. So this afternoon I spent some time sketching in an attempt to catch up. Currently I’m not planning to finish these drawings. I suppose that’s fine since the whole exercise is for my own pleasure anyway.

Drawing by hand is still much easier than drawing on the computer, despite my lack of practice!

Drawlloween Days 5-11 sketch page

Found on the page above:

  • a surprised ghost emerging from an Erlenmeyer flask
  • a mysterious amulet (the laziest possible example of a haunted object, I admit)
  • a cartoonish but definitely hungry mikoshi nyūdō
  • a femme spider (she’s probably also hungry)
  • three curious tentacles reaching into a canoe
  • a royal bat with huge ears and fancy bangles

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