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Zine(s) Review: Comics by A.D. Puchalski

I haven’t blogged about zines in a while, but artist A.D. Puchalski sent me the four comics pictured below to review. Luckily I enjoyed them, so here I am, reviewing!

Four comics by A.D. Puchalski
Buy ’em here.

Puchalski’s drawings are a cut above what I’m used to from self-published comics, and the visual style reminds me of the illustrated children’s book Corgiville Fair. (That is a compliment.) The narratives are playful with a couple of brutal twists. Think, like, Disney stories updated for sardonic adults. Disney stories plotted by Weird Twitter.

Sword of Fray features two diabolically mischievous mythical creatures — a unicorn and a sort of feline yeti. Meadow takes place in a universe where medieval knights use cell phones in between battling dragons, and rogues definitely hit that sweet kush in their downtime. Restless features a little girl who falls in with a crowd of amiable-but-destructive monsters. Tough is probably the darkest of the bunch — think The Martian with a dash of My Little Pony or the pegasus bit from Fantasia.

Recommended if you like comics and any (or all) of the works I referenced.

Are the Tintin Books Racist? Yes, Absolutely

The Tintin books are super racist, stuffed with offensive stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the parts of them that are heartwarming and hilarious. Krishnadev Calamur, a fellow Tintin aficionado, writes of the comics’ very obvious bigotry and his nevertheless unflagging enjoyment of them:

“There’s certainly irony in a child of the former colonies idolizing a character who might be dismissed by casual critics as a proxy for the white-man’s burden (and by more serious ones as a racist). But I couldn’t entirely disavow the series. What those comics taught me was that heroes, even boyish, never-aging ones like Tintin, are deeply flawed, and if you ruminate on something long enough, even a cherished childhood memory, you will inevitably see those flaws clearly. There were things that I loved about Tintin that made it easier to reject those things I did not — without ignoring them altogether.”

In other words, your fave is problematic.

A mashup of Tintin and Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Artwork by Graphix17.
A mashup of Tintin and Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Artwork by Graphix17.

(If you’ve never read Tintin before, start here.)

Zine Review: Witches & Sick Glitches

I traded zines with Felix Taylor (sagpunk on Tumblr) and he sent me Witches & Sick Glitches:

Witches & Sick Glitches zine by Felix Taylor

I really enjoyed this comic. I don’t want to give away too much about the story, but the plot involves shady websites, blood-dripping rituals, and subsequent mysterious occult happenings. Think Adventure Time meets Andromeda Klein in bold black-and-white. Not cheery Adventure Time, but one of the sinister episodes. I am excited to read the next installment of Witches & Sick Glitches!

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