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Drawlloween Postmortem

It should be obvious to anyone following this series (so… just me) that I failed at my Drawlloween attempt. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I hate not living up to the expectations that I set for myself. On the other hand, it was a learning experience! Two key takeaways:

  • My desire to create visual art is quite sporadic. As I’ve stated before, writing is a medium that comes much more naturally to me.
  • Daily challenges are hard! (Is that self-evident? Maybe I should have known!) The difficulty seems to scale linearly with the time commitment required. I think a daily Halloween haiku would have been conquerable; a daily short story would have crashed and burned.

I’m running a D&D campaign this week, so I may use the remaining prompts as monsters for the players to encounter. It depends on how well they would jibe with the rest of my plans. We’ll see.

In conclusion, I would try another themed challenge, but I’d be more careful about tweaking it to suit my strengths and creative inclinations.

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