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Tentative Beginning

Welcome to Sonya Notes, a loosely defined series of dispatches.

Once upon a time I ran a cyberpunk newsletter called Exolymph. I had to sunset the project because I ran out of interesting things to say about our techno-dystopia.

Now I have a monthly-ish newsletter that updates people on my doings. In practice, this looks like “here are some links to whatever I’ve published since you last heard from me, along with a few angsty reflections.”

I want something in between. I want a space to talk to friends and readers that isn’t as short and reactive as Twitter, doesn’t have the high-pressure topic dedication of Exolymph, and isn’t as sporadic as my monthly newsletter.

I also want to play with freeform first-person writing in a way that I’m not able to at work. Even blogging can feel a little staid.

And so here we have Sonya Notes, an experimental newsletter! Sign up if you want to get emails from me every few days. The exact nature of what you’ll be receiving is TBD… but we can shape it together.

Originally posted on Substack.

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