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Collage: Sorry We Caused You Trouble

Roughly a week ago, I went over to my friend Kelsey’s place to catch up. We sat on the floor playing with magazine scraps and making fun of her cat, who also wanted to play with magazine scraps. It was a good time. Below are the collages that I made…

collages 12-10-2014 (roughly)

“Moving and we abandon the virtue. Build it. Enough.” I chose the caption using intuition rather than having an idea of what I wanted to say beforehand. Meaning: I chose the words randomly.

Collage is my favorite method of visual expression for the soothing opportunity to make simple choice after simple choice. I don’t think about it much, but I keep on juxtaposing the images that I like. What results is meaningful to me in a mysterious way.

collages 12-10-2014 (roughly)

Reducing the image file of a magazine scan can lead to the printed texture being over-emphasized.

collages 12-10-2014 (roughly)

Britney Spears is virtually immortal! And modern! Like popsicles! Or, um, something about desserts and female sexuality, commodification of sensuality in general… IT’S ART, I SWEAR. C’est un artiste. I don’t speak French.

collages 12-10-2014 (roughly)

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