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Who Pays Writers? Apparently Not RSS Users

retro 1920s blogger
Mike Licht has made and posted a million of these for some reason.

Necessary context for the upcoming screenshot: Ben Thompson is a popular tech blogger who offers an exclusive email newsletter for $10 per month. Recently some kind of bug inserted a couple of subscriber-only posts into the blog’s public RSS feed. Here’s a brief Twitter exchange between subscriber Blaine Wilson and Thompson:

RSS readers don't pay for content
Wilson: “Hey Ben, I’m interested to know if the RSS leak lead to any sort of upside in update subscriptions as people got a taste.” Thompson: “I’ve learned that RSS users aren’t really the types to pay for content :)”

I don’t have any substantive commentary on Thompson’s observation, but I think it’s worth noting. (Obviously, considering that here I am noting it.)

classic art blogger photoshop
Also by Mike Licht. Thanks, dude.

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