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What I Want from Netflix

Yesterday I listened to “The Annual Jay & Farhad Company Of The Year Show” and one of the businesses they discussed was Netflix. Blah blah blah cord-cutting, blah blah blah original content — the usual stuff, but funny because of the hosts’ banter. Incidentally, I don’t think cord-cutting will be that big of a deal. Millennials like me who never sign up for cable in the first place might cause a bigger shift. Perhaps “cord irrelevance” is a better term?

Main characters from Peep Show.
I love Peep Show with a deep and abiding passion.

Anyway, I agree with them that Netflix is a phenomenal company, and I expect Reed Hastings to keep doing well. Some of their recent shows have hit it out of the park — Master of None and Making a Murderer both got a lot of attention. House of Cards is a brilliant piece of media. That said, it’s really all about binge-watching old shows, and old seasons of current shows. The long tail is crucial! What I want from Netflix is continued access to:

  • Peep Show
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Law & Order (various flavors)
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • The X-Files (original series)
  • etc
  • this is not a comprehensive list of TV shows that I like

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