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Commercially Motivated Art-Posting

I have a ShopSense account.¬†They’ve rebranded as “ShopStyle Collective” but whatever. This entity, regardless of name, is a pay-per-click affiliate-linking thingamajig. Back when I was fashion-blogging I made $88 dollars using ShopSense. I can cash out when I get to $100, and I kinda want the money. So… here’s some art (there’s a precedent for me posting art!) because if you click on the links I’ll make $0.02 or whatever.

Art Deco Pochoir of Woman with Cherry Tree
I enjoy the color pink. And kimonos. Click here, yay!
stripy modern art painting
I like this painting because stripes.
Joy of the Eternal Now by Alice Asmar
Pastels! Birbles! Ideal. By Alice Asmar — click click click.
geometrical painting
I like this painting because geometry.
Young Turkish Boy, 1714
1714 painting of a young Turkish boy. I like his outfit.

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