Writer for Hire

Welcome! My name is Sonya Mann. You’re here because you need a writer, and I’m a Professional Word Person. (Yup, that’s the official job title.) I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native, surrounded by startups and constantly observing the industry. I participate in the tech biz from every angle — I write about it, write for it, and then analyze the results.


I help small-to-medium technology companies and independent internet professionals strengthen their web presences. Think websites, email newsletters, and social media, plus a little bit of business development.

I can help you…

  • select publishing tools,
  • set up a sustainable content marketing system,
  • strategize about what will appeal to your desired audience the most,
  • create or curate the content itself,
  • and then collect data and analyze the results.

I also write articles about the business of technology. I combine analysis grounded in microeconomics with good old-fashioned reportage. Some of the best examples are on Mattermark, but my portfolio contains many more.


If you have trouble with the contact form, email me@sonyaellenmann.com or say hello on Twitter. Resume and references available!

Web-savvy communicator focused on the human nature of business.