Instructions Unclear, a zine about rituals ✨

I created Instructions Unclear with help from generous contributors and equally generous free-culture artists.

Instructions Unclear, a zine about rituals created by Sonya Mann

Cover illustration by Andrea Koerner; graphic design by me (Sonya Mann).

"How do communities work?" is a question that has long fascinated me, and rituals are a surprisingly integral part. As I wrote in the introduction: "Once you start thinking about rituals, everything looks like one. What is formulaic yet sacred? So much, it turns out."

You can access the full, high-resolution manuscript as a free PDF (warning, almost 200 megabytes!) and also view the secret note that was tucked into a small envelope on the back.

Instructions Unclear was briefly available as a physical product, but copies have sold out.

If you're looking for Sonya Mann's active website, click here —>

This landing page was blatantly copied from the best website ever 😉