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Product Communication Basics

Spoiler alert: Product Communication Basics is free. Go ahead and download it here! (Note that a couple of the URLs within are outdated, since the book was part of a now-defunct project called Product Comms Club.)

If you want to be convinced first, then read on.

Write better to sell better.

Do your landing pages stats make you wince? Does your clever marketing never convert?

  • “I’ve put hours into the design but nobody clicks!”
  • “Why is my bounce rate still so high?”
  • “I’m spending all this ad money for no f%#*ing results.”

Well, now you’re in luck, my friend! If you upgrade your product pitch, all of your marketing will just plain work better.

Explain your product simply and directly.

Does that seem easy? It’s not! Plenty of valuable products and services don’t get traction because no one understands what they do or why they’re worth paying for. Luckily, I can help you solve this problem.

Product Communication Basics is a practical workbook that helps you write a compelling product pitch. Website visitors who don’t understand what you’re offering are far less likely to pull the trigger. You need to connect all the dots for people right away — make it easy for them to decide to give you money!

This is not a long PDF stuffed with buzzwords that you’ll only skim once. Completing the exercises in Product Communication Basics will create raw marketing material that you can use right away and refer to again and again.

Dozens of prompts will help you turn your market knowledge into concrete insights. Gain the confidence and skills that you’ll need to set it all down on paper, and get ready to transfer what you’ve written directly to your website or ad campaign. Start building a marketing framework that emphasizes communication with your potential users — you’re not selling to them; you’re explaining how you can provide value.

Don’t think of this as textbook that will gather dust on a shelf — think of it as a consulting session that you can jump back into whenever you need it. Product Communication Basics will put you in a position to create that excellence for yourself.

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