Instructions Unclear

Instructions Unclear is a zine about rituals. I created it with help from generous contributors and equally generous free-culture artists.

Instructions Unclear, a zine about rituals created by Sonya Mann
Cover illustration by Andrea Koerner; graphic design by me (Sonya Mann).

“How do communities work?” is a question that has long fascinated me, and rituals are a surprisingly integral part. As I wrote in the introduction: “Once you start thinking about rituals, everything looks like one. What is formulaic yet sacred? So much, it turns out.”

Get the Zine

Instructions Unclear is available as a physical product as well as a high-resolution PDF. You can purchase both below in a $5 bundle. (I want to make the PDF available for free at some point… possibly along with a web-native version of the zine. But I make no promises.)

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To pay with BTC, send the equivalent of $5 (United States shipping address) or $7.50 (anywhere else) to this address: 16YcCmhajGj33Rv17fS3rdYTPoeMSSTtsx

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Then — very important step! — get in touch to let me know and send me your shipping address. (Or you can put your address in a shielded Zcash memo field, but you still have to ping me. I don’t have incoming notifications on cryptocurrency payments.) Email

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If you have any questions about Instructions Unclear that aren’t addressed by this page, hit me up.

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